English brochure to introduce Ishizaka Electric Industry Co., Ltd. to people overseas.





Hello everyone!

We want more people to know about Ishizaka Denki and the wonderful work we do. To introduce our company to a wider audience around the world, we have created an English brochure!


At Ishizaka Denki, we specialize in the manufacturing of coil products that are essential to various industries, primarily the automotive industry, but also robotics, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery. For example, we produce clutch coils for car air conditioners and solenoid coils used in valves that control hydraulics and fluids. These are not often visible, but they are crucial in vehicle manufacturing. Our expertise lies in winding copper wire around a bobbin and encapsulating the coil with epoxy resin, along with an iron frame. We can also mold by injecting nylon resin into molds. This meticulous work requires the expertise of our company and our partners, and our team possesses top-tier skills in this field.


Pipe processing is another critical service we offer. We handle aluminum, copper, and iron pipes, bending, cutting, and forming them to meet precise specifications for various applications. This technology is particularly important in fields that require precision, such as the cramped spaces of car engine rooms and air conditioning machinery.


We also excel in harness processing, creating complex wiring systems used in everything from cars to industrial machinery. Our harnesses are manufactured using in-house jigs to ensure high quality and reliability.

Additionally, we offer contract assembly services. This involves assembling various components into finished products, ensuring everything is correctly put together and functions flawlessly.


By showcasing these services in our new English brochure, we hope to appeal to potential clients and partners who may not have heard of us before. Each section of the brochure highlights one of our core services, providing detailed information and emphasizing our expertise and commitment to quality.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Ishizaka Denki, please feel free to contact us. We are excited to connect with a global audience and expand our horizons!



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